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Barney the Schnoodle: Going Downstairs

This is Barney the Schnoodle. In this video, Barney is 8 weeks old. In a previous video Barney, out of the blue, climbed up the stairs with no apparent diffi...

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Schnoodle puppies playing

Gabby's schnoodle puppies playing at 6 weeks old. Update: Gabby is expecting another litter! Look for her new schnoodle puppies coming in August. www.deercre...

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How to give a schnoodle a haircut


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Schnoodle Attack!

My 3 year old Schnoodle named Boo acting tough on the playground with the neighbor dogs...she has such a napoleon complex!

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Max (Schnoodle) Boot Camp Dog Training Video

Max (Schnoodle) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk on a loo...

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Barney the Schnoodle: First Day Home

This is Barney the Schnoodle. Barney is 8 weeks old in this video and he's learning how to get around in his new home. If you're interested in adopting a sch...

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Milo - the Schnoodle puppy - learns to swim ( 3 month old )

Milo, the 12 week old white and very cuddly Schnoodle puppy learns to swim and to walk down stairs. His best friend is Rani, the Dalamatian-German Shorthair ...

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Schnoodle vs Wiener (Dachshund) Funny Dogs Video

Schnoodle vs Wiener (Dachshund) Funny Dogs Video. Funny Dogs playing/standing off over the ball. Ollie the Schoodle and Chayce the Dachshund won't stop for n...

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Pixi the Schnoodle Speaks!!!

My dog Pixi is a mini schnauzer mini poodle mix (miniature schnoodle)... she knows a variety of tricks and thinks she is a person (hence, sitting at the tabl...

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Advanced Dog Training for your Schnoodle/Shnoodle

Henry is learning how to bring a toy headless monkey to his owner.

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jack the schnoodle gets a haircut before and after

jack went to the groomer but the dog that came back was not jack. it was his evil twin.

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Clarice the Schnoodle Shows Off

Clarice does some of her favorite tricks! Roll over, roll back, left paw, right paw, both paws, jump!, bang! (play dead), bring it here, put it in the box, e...

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Milo, The Kung Fu Schnoodle

Milo the schnoodle is playing with the big boys.

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Rocky the schnoodle playing GIVE ME THAT!!!

Rocky the schnoodle loved his bones and balls and is playing a game he invented called GIVE ME THAT!!! He was 15 years old in this video. We sure miss this g...

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Schnoodle Puppy Scrappy Dog's First Cut & Blow Dry By Clare

Scrappy Dog visits Clare's grooming parlour in Wilton, at the rear of the Pet Shop. She loves her new cut and adores Clare. So patient, kind and a brilliant ...

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Willy and Sasha - Schnoodle Tug of War

Willy and Sasha are schnoodles from Shelbo Schnoodles. They have the same father but different mothers. Here they are having a vacation at Willy's house.

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noodle the schnoodle gets a new doo::.

Noodle the Schnoodle gets a new hair doo.

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Uptown Dog's Black Schnoodle

Sweet little Schnoodle playing.

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Dino the Schnoodle Dog bugs out over toy

Dino the Schnoodle Dog bugs out over a wind-up toy, showing he still has some puppy in him.

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Chloe the Schnoodle LOVES Gwen Stefani

Our schnoodle pup just loves her some Gwen! Who knew??

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Very Cute Toy Schnoodle Puppy vs Steps

Jack, 9 Week Old Toy Schnoodle Attempts to Go Down his First Steps.

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Barbies schnoodle babies 1-7-14

This litter is for sale. Visit us at www.windyhillkennel.com We specialize in schnoodles from mini size to standard size Located in central OH Phone is 740-6...

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My Schnoodle girls in training

They'e getting better. Very smart dogs, fast learners, and eager to please. If you're patient enough with them they can learn any trick.

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Schnoodle puppies born 06/14/2012

Schnoodle štěňátka narozené 14.6.2012 ...a jak to vše začalo.

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Schnoodle Barking

Schnoodles have a VERY loud bark.

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The Schnoodle


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Schnoodle Barking

My Schnoodle barks & howls at the school bus while he waits for his best friend to come home.

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E Collar Conditioning Schnoodle SMOKIE Off Leash Dogtra Remote Pager


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Magnus Schnoodle - Swing Time!

Magnus Schnoodle (aka Magnus the Magnificent) is a hearing service dog that loves swings. This short video shows Magnus and his dad taking a stroll through a...

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Stella Da Baby Schnoodle

Schnoodle Pup.

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