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Barney the Schnoodle: Going Downstairs

This is Barney the Schnoodle. In this video, Barney is 8 weeks old. In a previous video Barney, out of the blue, climbed up the stairs with no apparent difficulty.

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Schnoodle puppies playing

Gabby's schnoodle puppies playing at 6 weeks old. Update: Gabby has one male schnoodle available! Check him out at www.deercreeklabradoodles.com.

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Dino the Schnoodle Dog bugs out over toy

Dino the Schnoodle Dog bugs out over a wind-up toy, showing he still has some puppy in him.

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How to give a schnoodle a haircut


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Schnoodle Barking

Schnoodles have a VERY loud bark.

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Max (Schnoodle) Boot Camp Dog Training Video

Max (Schnoodle) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk on ...

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Monty The Miniature Schnoodle

Here is a short video of Monty. He is a miniature schnauzer/miniature poodle mix. As you can see, he is more schnauzer than poodle. He is 8 and 9 weeks old in ...

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Giant Schnoodle and Mini Schnoodleing in the morning

We have this routine in the morning... Coffee in bed with a Giant (Baxter) and Miniture (Bailey) Schnoodle.. Giant Schnoodle Facebook Fan Page: ...

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Schnoodle in the snow

White schnoodle loving the snow storm!

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Ambers schnoodle puppies 11-11-15

www.windyhillkennel.com Located in central OH 740-670-3971.

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jack the schnoodle gets a haircut before and after

jack went to the groomer but the dog that came back was not jack. it was his evil twin.

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How To Potty Train A Schnoodle Puppy - Schnoodle House Training - Housebreaking Schnoodle Puppies

How To Potty Train A Schnoodle Puppy - Schnoodle House Training Tips - Housebreaking Schnoodle Puppies Fast & Easy. http://www.PuppyApartment.com ...

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Barney the Schnoodle: First Day Home

This is Barney the Schnoodle. Barney is 8 weeks old in this video and he's learning how to get around in his new home. If you're interested in adopting a ...

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Schnoodle Barking

My Schnoodle barks & howls at the school bus while he waits for his best friend to come home.

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Milo, The Kung Fu Schnoodle

Milo the schnoodle is playing with the big boys.

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Barney The Schnoodle: Merry Christmas 2012

Barney the Schnoodle's favorite toy has always been Lamb Chop... Has Barney been good enough all year to receive a present from Santa? Merry Christmas!

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Schnoodle vs Wiener (Dachshund) Funny Dogs Video

Schnoodle vs Wiener (Dachshund) Funny Dogs Video. Funny Dogs playing/standing off over the ball. Ollie the Schoodle and Chayce the Dachshund won't stop ...

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Schnoodle Love

Julie, Donna & Chelley cowrote this song about schnoodles at SummerSongs 2015 in Ashokan, New York.

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Pixi the Schnoodle Speaks!!!

My dog Pixi is a mini schnauzer mini poodle mix (miniature schnoodle)... she knows a variety of tricks and thinks she is a person (hence, sitting at the table.)

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Female Mini Schnoodle Puppy

Puppy ID#: 064574- VIOLET Breed: Mini Schnoodle (Miniature Schnauzer X Toy/Mini Poodle) Gender: Female Color: Black And Silver ACHC REGISTERED!

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Paisley's schnoodle Friday November 6th, 2016

This litter is sold www.windyhillkennel.com Central OH 740-670-3971.

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The Schnoodle


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Baby Schnoodle - First Jump

Wally jumps for the first time at almost 5 weeks old.

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Summer Schnoodle Puppies ~ So CUTE!

3 week old Schnoodles first day in the great outdoors!

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Schnoodle Puppies

Schnoodle dogtime . , . . . . When the parents are carefully selected, the schnoodle is a great dog. Unfortunately, the hybrid has become popular enough for ...

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Reese the mini goldendoodle playing with Twinkie the schnoodle

Reese is the darkest colored mini goldendoodle puppy. She's about 10 weeks old. We got her from libertypinesdoodles.com Twinkie is the lightest colored dog ...

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Dixie's Schnoodle puppies 5-20-15

This litter is sold www.windyhillkennel.com We are located in central OH 740-670-3971.

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